For those who want the rules printed and ready to go, we have the following available in print form.   We can post anywhere in the world.  Sadly we cannot provide a direct ordering service, but please contact us and we can send a Paypal Invoice

Dell-arte della guerra - Italian Renaissance Rules

Dell'arte della guerra is a ruleset that seeks to recreate the campaigns of renaissance Italy.


Each player represents a family of Condottiere, who take on contracts on behalf of one of the great Italian powers and fight each other in one of the endemic wars between these powers. :

  • A brief summary of the period and details of the forces of the participants.

  • A set of campaign rules including status sheets and counters.

  • A set of battlefield rules that can be used to resolve campaign actions or can be used independently to fight one-off battles of the period.

  • Over 230 counters for which to fight the campaign

  • Over 120 cards to place battlefield orders and track objective cards

  • 2 A3 and 2 A4 playsheets

Price:  £25.00 (plus P&P)