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Real Time Wargames is a group of  British Wargames Designers who want to design games that replicate the period in which they represent.  The ethos is simple, yet realistic, games that combine a campaign system and a battle that can be completed in an evening. 

Many of the rules can be used to fight big battles with lots and lots of toy soldiers (10mm is our preferred scale, but the rules can work with any scale) - no rebasing needed!

Gareth RTW.jpg
Gareth Evans

Designer of Dell'arte Della Guerra and gifted rabble-rouser.  Can normally be seen at the shows telling everyone to get on with the game.

Bernie RTW.jpg
Bernie Ganley

The writer of the vast majority of the rules and a speed-painter without compare.  Real Time Wargames would not exist without him.

Brian RTW.jpg
Brian Cameron

Co-writer with Bernie of many of the rules   Many a ruleset has been improved by Brian's keen eye for accuracy and historical detail

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